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Conkers Go To Africa


Elle Gold thought that playing her favourite game, Conkers, was just that, a game. That was until she was stunned to find out on the last day of school that there is a secret, hidden, magic world inside her favourite Conker Tree with Tree People living in there.


Along with Ben, her friend from school, she meets Gigglybop from the tree people family. He pleads with them to travel to Africa to help stop some bad men from cutting down all the Mopane Trees which are the homes of the Mopane people. They both agree and start on an adventure to Victoria Falls and the hidden world to save them.

Elle is so happy to find out that her dad is inside the Conker Tree, she has not seen him since she was a baby, but is then sad as he is stuck there, blocked from travelling through the Conker Tree to home. They make a plan to trap Gogglyteef but he escapes to tunnels under Victoria Falls.

Enlisting more help from Akashinga, the local Shona people, the Dung Beetle Army and Locust Soldiers they descend on the tunnels again to capture Gogglyteef. Gigglybop confronts him and tries to get him to surrender but is surprised to learn that Gogglyteef is working for someone else more powerful.

However, he escapes before they can catch him by melting into a giant crystal, an escape route that bursts through the Zambezi River and flooding the tunnels. They manage to get out before the tunnels fill up and must start all over again.


Will they ever be able to capture him?


Will dad be able to go home with Elle to see her mom?


Who is the powerful one Gogglyteef reports too and how do they stop him?

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